93. Smilin' Jack

February 3, 1976 (G-508)

Written by: Larry Gelbart and Simon Muntner
Directed by: Charles S. Dubin
Guest Stars: Robert Hogan as Smilin' Jack. Dennis Kort, as Howard Owens. Someone uncredited as Lt. Cathy King.

Plot: When a bunch of GIs are shelled on the road, a few of their number get flown to the 4077th by chopper pilot Jack Mitchell. He needs another three wounded to beat Dangerous Dan to be Chopper Pilot of the Year. Unfortunately, before he can make it, Colonel Potter discovers that he has diabetes and grounds him. A Corporal, Howard Owens, doesn't want to go back into combat after being wounded twice. Radar talks to Owens and gives him a four-leaf clover for luck. Smilin' Jack disobeys orders and collects another four wounded, but is beaten to Chopper Pilot of the Year when Dangerous Dan shows up with another four.

Glitches: The digital cleanup added a bit of very unconvincing smoke in the first scene. And additionally, there wasn't actually any damage done to the ground, almost as if the explosion was smoke only...
In one scene in the O-Club, Jack has a pretzel up to his mouth, in the next scene it's turned into a glass of club soda. Then it turns into a pretzel again.
When the colonel and Jack are on the radio, they really should be saying 'over' more than they do.

AWOL: No sign of Klinger. He's probably at the beauty parlour.

Great Lines: Radar, about his 4-leaf clover: 'It's a little squished. I had it in my pocket when a jeep ran over me.'
Potter, about Jack: 'If that guy manages to pick up four wounded and bring them back here without killing them, him or the chopper, I want him to get a medal. Then I want him locked up!'

Continuity is for Wimps: Burns laments that he'd do anything to earn a Purple Heart, but he's already been awarded two! (OK, so they were both stolen, but still...)

Notes: The Dangerous Dan from this episode is probably the same pilot who will turn up in Episode 107. The Colonel's Horse in Season Five.

Comments: A very funny episode, slightly harsh because Jack doesn't want to go home and Owens does. A bit annoying that Klinger was absent for this one. You never know how much you like the hairy sod till he's not there.

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