'Space... maybe not the final frontier, but one of the biggest. These are the voyages - and stopovers - of the starship Compromise. Its open-ended assignment: to hope we come across strange new worlds to explore, to seek out new life and new civilisations that won't try to kill us, assimilate us or otherwise negatively affect our well-being, to boldly go where no-one has run from before!'
Our favourite Pre-Menstrual-class vessel, the U.S.S. COMPROMISE.
At last, the return of the Evil Bunnies' parody based on the The World's Most Popular Science-Fiction Television Series. It's a good time to meet the crew of the USS Compromise - whether again, or for the first time.

Last update: 28 October 2008 - Season Seven Episode Four: Secret Agent Man
18 May 2008: Season Seven Episode Three: Amnesiapalooza
4 October 2007 - Season Seven Episode Two: My Captain, the Hero

NEW Episode!

Secret Agent Man by Leila Fetter from a trailer by Daria Sigma

This time it's possibly the suavest adventure yet - a certain member of the crew who just happens to be a secret agent must don the official tuxedo and do battle with strange alien creatures on a far away world. Although it doesn't go entirely as he planned...

Secret Agent Man

What the hell is this trailer business?

In creating Season Seven we did something a little unusual - we each wrote a trailer for an episode, and then the other had to write the actual episode. Just to keep things interesting, you understand. As if the Compromise needed any help. Anyway.
If you like you can read the trailer for Secret Agent Man first, or you can just cut straight to the story. We hope you get as much fun and confusion from reading these as we had from creating them!


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Star Trek: The Last Generation was created by Daria Sigma and Leila Fetter.
The series has been written by Euan Bowen, Adam Durham, Leila Fetter, Colin Morris and Daria Sigma.
Star Trek: The Last Generation is a Recycadelic Cacti Production.

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