Season Seven

These are the voyages of the starship Compromise...

But For the Grace of God by Daria Sigma & Leila Fetter.

When the shuttle Heineken can't get them to safety of their mother ship, Sam, Jared and Nick are grateful to be picked up by the starship Valium. Their gratitude starts to wear thin, though, as it seems that the Valium is crewed by zealous, heel-clicking military types driven solely to win the war for the Federation.
But the Federation isn't at it?

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My Captain, the Hero by Leila Fetter.

With the whole crew in the bar celebrating a birthday, the Compromise finds itself vulnerable to attack, with nobody any the wiser. Well, almost nobody. Can Euan get the bad guys off the ship, stop the warp core exploding and still get to the party on time?

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Amnesiapalooza by Daria Sigma, from a trailer by Leila Fetter.

The crew forget who they are, the ship is sabotaged and under attack, and a marriage is in trouble. Is this a normal day for the starship Compromise or is somebody trying to destroy them?

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New Episode!

Secret Agent Man by Leila Fetter, from a trailer by Daria Sigma.

Sam IV has to go help his dad out with the family business. And since the family business is intergalactic espionage, it's going to be quite a challenge.

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