The Fuzzy Bunny Show Season Five Section Two

By Leila Fetter

working from notes provided by

Tim Hodge

You may be curious as to why Tim hasn't written this half of the season. The fact is, he did. The other fact is, he decided that proper backups were for losers and that a 3 1/2-inch floppy disk would be more than sufficient to record the resolution of the scary cliffhanger as well as a large chunk of mega-important plot. Guess what, viewers? He was wrong.

I shouldn't be too hard on him. The loss of Season Five Part Two was devastating for him and we were very lucky that he managed to salvage as much of the season as he did. He had made notes for the remaining episodes and it is from these that I present the following two episodes - complete with a cool introduction by a Celebrity!

Now read on...

Introduction by a Celebrity

Part One

Part Two

The reconstruction team would like to thank the creators of Caffeine for providing the stimulus required for producing this story.

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