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The Fuzzy Bunny Show

The epic tale of a bunny, his friends, some spaceships and a whole lotta bad gags...



When young Tim Hodge was in year seven, he was a curious, creative lad with a penchant for inventing strange new worlds and populating them with anthropomorphised bunnies. An extended period of illness gave him the leisure time required to fully realise this passion, and to put it to paper. Many years later, he met some girls who shared his fondness for bunnies. God knows why. Whatever the reason, Fuzzy Bunny and his friends ended up starring in a dizzying array of strange, improbable and sometimes completely illogical adventures.

Now, join us as an idea that started in leaky pen in an old scrapbook becomes reality - the tale of a group of bunnies pitted against the universe with only their wits, rubber chickens, pocket-sized grand pianos, diced carrots, talking chainsaws and strange Bunny Gods to help them.

Please note: One of the members of the support crew who helped and hindered Tim as he made his way through the Fuzzyite universe prefers to go unnamed. We have decided to dub her 'Mysterious Interfering Third Party', or Misty for short. Any complaints or queries you wish to be directed to her should be forwarded to Tim, who usually knows where she is.

The Fuzzy Bunny Show - (1994 - 1996)

By Tim Hodge with input, assistance, nitpicking and meddling from Leila Fetter, Daria Sigma and Misty.
Season One * Paws and Sorcery * Season Two * Fuzzy Bunny and Friends in Macbeth * Season Three * The King Fuzzy Trilogy * The UBF Files * The Fuzzy Bunny Show - the Next Generation * Season Four * Fuzzy Bunny - the Movie * Season Five part one * Season Five part two * Alberto's Visit to the Space Station * Season Six (including the critically acclaimed Fuzzy Bunny Double Feature Number One) * Season Seven part one * Season Seven part two - the Curtains Trilogy * The Fuzzy Bunny Double Feature #2 *

This is the first big chunk of Fuzzyverse material. Seven seasons of episodes, complemented by a selection of extra features and movies and suchlike.


The Fuzzy Bunny Alternative Reality (1995 - 1998)

By Leila Fetter and Daria Sigma with a bit of meddling from Tim Hodge, who wanted to get some of his own back.
Season A - Season B - Special Feature: DWAS Kapital II - A Day In The Life Of The Fuzzy Bunny Show - Season C - The Alternative Reality Movie: The Search for Jookie
The series starts around about Season 2 of the core universe's story - it's a break-away reality based on my desire to cash in on what Tim was doing. I figured out what I was doing with it about halfway through the movie...


After The Fuzzy Bunny Show (1996-1997)

By Tim Hodge, who got bored
What do actors do when their big life's work series gets cancelled? Let's see...
Fuzzy Bunny - Smokers Thighs and the Second Howl * Fuzzy Bunny - Gunford Hire * Fuzzy Bunny - the Fall of the Monarchy * The Fuzzy Bunny 1996 Christmas Special * The Fuzzy Bunny Cop Show and the Wizard of Ostrich * Pirica DeBunny in Sick Brother * The Fuzzy Family Shearing Shed * Fuzzy Bunny Breaks the Copyright Laws * Fuzzy Bunny - Networking


The New Fuzzy Bunny Show - Seasons 1 - 4 (1996 - who knows when)

By Tim Hodge with less nit-picking and irritation from Leila Fetter and Daria Sigma, but a whole bunch of interfering from Misty.
Tim decided not to rest on his laurels after the huge Cancellation Wave hit the Fuzzy Bunny Show. That and his public kept clamouring for more. So he quickly turned out four more seasons and another movie, just to keep the punters happy.


Fuzzy Bunny - The Duncelord Saga (I don't know when it was written, unfortunately. Tim stopped numbering them.)

By Tim Hodge, with apologies to Marvel Comics.
Think the Fuzzy Bunny Series is getting a little ridiculous? You ain't seen nothin' yet...


And then, after Duncelord... in a World Without Fuzzyites...

Truly Rad Adventures on the Worlds of Fuzzy Bunny

By Tim Hodge. Really, who else would have done this?
Yes, it's meant to be a series of stories without Fuzzyites in them but quite a few do show up...

As if this wasn't enough, there's even more to come!

Go and visit the creative genius behind the Fuzzy Bunny Show at his own homepage, Invisible Pony.

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