By Tim Hodge

Willits Gumman's Comedy Cavalcade
Mummy Be Back Soon
The Highly Improbable Seduction of Fuzzy Bunny
Count Up to Nine
Adverse Effects of Alcohol: A Case Study
One Nation Under Bitch-Face
The Last of the Nunklons
The Return of the King

And then, just when we thought it was all over...

Epilogue I
Epilogue II

The Fuzzy Bunny Show, all names, characters, and distinct likenesses thereof (C) 1995 Fuzzy Animation Incorporated, SPCAGTV and Fetter/Mammalworth Productions. Wubba, wubba.

The following people are wanted for crimes against comedy:

Fuzzy Bunny * Wesminster J Biggles * Abbigail Cleveland-Biggles * Hoppy Lashes * Commander Laff * Sasha Uulamets * Teddy Uulamets * Anastasia Sarossy-Mammalworth * Bunniquette O'Bunbun * Chris Rabbo * Dr Willits Gumman * Uncle Earless Cleveland * Colonel Alexander Bullocksnap * Pirica DeBunny * Pommel and Pummel Stab-Stab * Lennie * Ralph * Tessa * Howie * Lucky, Bunny God of Thunder * The Easter Bunny * Jetty * Ghuzzy Bunny * Mal Bunny * Regent Rabbitskovic *

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