By Tim Hodge

Featuring the Award* Winning

Take to the Sky
Jeopardy and Rank Swelling
The Demon Stair Saga part one
The Demon Stair Saga part two
The Demon Stair Saga part three
Beyond Purgatory
Part One: The Stair Walkers
Part Two: The Demon Queen
Part Three: The Road to Eternal Torment
Part Four: The Demon Queen's Consort
Part Five: The Curse of Ch'zzi
Part Six: The Heavenly Picnic Table

*The Leila Award for the Best Fuzzy Story So Far 1996 and the Daria Award for Best Use of a Vampire Giraffe in an Animated Programme 1997

Those persons who should be blamed for this series are:
Fuzzy Bunny - Sasha Uulamets - Pirica DeBunny - Westminster J Biggles - Abbigail Clevaland-Biggles - Hoppy Lashes - Regent Doberman Rabbitskovic - Doctor Willits Gumman - Bunniquette O'Bunbun - Mal Bunny - Uncle Earless Cleveland - Draino Skunky - Shock Muncher - Baik-baik Saja - Anastasia Sarossy-Mammalworth - Lennie - Howie - Tessa - Ralph - Laff - Jetty - Chris Rabbo - Jupie - Grovelspit - McKoohinky - Inky the Incubus - Oyster the Mildly Maniacal Bunny - Princess Disembowelled Goat - Nemahelminthe - King Often - General Carthage - Scandun - Rone - Farbauti - Lord Necopinus - Lord Valium - Cameroon Congo Zaire, Rhino Warlord - Ch'zzi Bloodbunny - Grizzle - Truncator the Pearly Gatekeeper - Pete the Faded One
Plus a Special Guest Appearance by Terry the Radioactive Leech

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